Committee Follow-Up Letter – Oct 13, 20

Respectfully to:           – Proponents Group to Recall Trí Tạ, Kimberly Ho, and Chí Charlie Nguyen
– Westminster-United Group, and whom It may concern.

Ref: 1.- Press Release on Sep 16, 2019of the Committee to Moderate, Coordinate and

Develop Community Activities.

       2.- Our Committee Letter about the Suggestion of Meeting dated Sep 29, 2019.

The Vietnamese American community in Little Saigon is now in a severe dispute, a serious division of community crisis which is so intense that could cause the tremendous damage for the Community of Vietnamese-Americans, the waste of hundred thousand tax dollars of the city residents if we don’t solve this problem wisely and smoothly.

The Committee to Moderate, Coordinate and Develop Community Activities (CMCDA) officially distributed a Press Release on Sep 16, 2019 to all members of the Vietnamese American community. On Sep 30, Our Committee also sent to you a Suggestion Letter for a Meeting Opportunity so that we could have a chance of learning this crisis story with all details. We really hope to play a role as a mediator to help our community solve this severe dispute with a good result.

Two weeks have been passed, Our Committee has not heard any thing from you. We would like to send this follow-up letter to remind you about our Suggestion Letter of Sep 29, 2019. We hope to receive a positive response in order that we could together solve this crisis with good outcome, without damaging to our community, to our city, to our residents and creating a healthy spirit, a harmony and stable environment.

We believe that “both sides still wish to end this dispute in order to avoid all consequences to themselves as well as to the community, the city, and its residents”. With this spirit in mind, we are willing to listen to your story, stand point, good will, desire, compromise, and suggested solutions. This is “a great challenge”, a “rare opportunity” to actually solve the “stalemate of the community division”.

We, our Committee hope that our Ancestor, our Fatherland, our Creator – God, Buddha … enlightening and supporting so that we have wisdom, intelligent to take reasonable and logic actions, overcoming this crisis, making an excellent example.

Date: Oct 13, 2019

On behalf of The Committee to Moderate, Coordinate and Develop Community Activities

Nguyễn Tấn Lạc, General Coordinator, 657-296-9601.

Hồ Hữu Vinh, Vice Coordinator, In Charge of Social Network, 657-296-7848.

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