1. Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho, and Chi Charlie Nguyen operate as if they are above the law, overseeing a City Council repeatedly accused of corruption, nepotism and favoritism.
  2. Mismanagement by Tri Ta and Kimberly Ho, allies on the City Council, has cost taxpayers millions of dollars in discrimination, retaliation and other lawsuit claims and litigation expenses.
  3. As Mayor, Tri Ta has repeatedly operated like a dictator, misusing our city police to pressure local businesses and punish political enemies.
  4. Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho and Chi Charlie Nguyen have refused to adopt a strong Code of Conduct for City Officials that denounces ethical violations like nepotism and abuse of public resources.
  5. Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho and Chi Charlie Nguyen passed a new rule giving themselves complete power over City Council agendas, silencing opponents by barring other council members from adding items for discussion.
  6. Instead of spending the funds to fight homelessness, make housing more affordable or increase public safety, Tri Ta and Kimberly Ho voted to spend over half a million dollars over the next three years on pay raises for his upper management employees, increasing one employee’s pay to $304,015 a year in salary and benefits. 
  7. As a Council members, Kimberly Ho and Chi Charlie Nguyen have engaged in nepotism by appointing each other’s children to City commissions and not disclosing this to the public or even the other City Council Members before the vote to approve.
  8. Chi Charlie Nguyen placed the City at risk for an Age Discrimination lawsuit for his failure to contact applicants for Planning Commissioner who indicated they are retired or semi-retired. Chi Charlie Nguyen stated on video that he wanted someone “young and energetic” for that appointment.
  9. Tri Ta and Kimberly Ho railroaded the approval of a Westminster Welcoming Center to one organization without offering any second bidders, doing it in only one meeting without proper planning documentation, approving to lease our city land to them for only $1 per year for a minimum of 10 years.
  10. Tri Ta willfully abused the power of Mayor for personal gain by granting a City Resolution to a Vietnamese actress for a movie made in communist Vietnam to support his existing family business as a self-proclaimed screenwriter and producer of Vietnamese movies, while not notifying other City Council Members using their names.
  11. Tri Ta’s incompetence has wasted taxpayer money on litigation settlements and complaint payouts, and the loss of public confidence due to a series of accusations against the city and/or city council that go uncorrected, while he approved hiding behind non-disclosure agreements that encourage copy-cat lawsuits.
  12. While maintaining a large home in Yorba Linda, Kimberly Ho listed her home address as a UPS P.O. Box in Westminster when she completed her application for Westminster’s Planning Commission. To this date, Kimberly and multiple immediate family members have cars registrations to the same Yorba Linda home, although she now claims that she also lives in a small apartment. 
  13. Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho, and Chi Charlie Nguyen refused to implement a 12-page Code of Ethics and Conduct once they realized that they had already broken multiple points in that code, voting to implement a watered-down 1-page Code of Ethics instead, which omitted nearly all of the Code of Conduct.
  14. Tri Ta and Kimberly Ho wasted over $68,000 of tax-payer money to promote a four-year term for Mayor on a special election when had they waited only three to five months later the cost would have been less than $1,000. They continue unethical actions and voting for selfish admission rather than the best interest of the city. 
  15. When another Council Member requested a discussion for Term Limits, Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho and Chi Charlie Nguyen spoke against Term Limits. To bury the discussion, Kimberly Ho made a substitute motion that a committee be made to discuss the issue without the other Council Member.  It has been buried and has never resurfaced.
  16. When another Council Member requested a discussion to develop a Code of Ethics and Conduct for the City Council, again Kimberly Ho made a substitute motion to bury his participation by making a committee without him to develop the draft code. Ultimately, the draft created was rejected by Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho and Chi Charlie Nguyen anyway. 
  17. Kimberly Ho threatened a lawsuit against another City Council Member explaining that he is new to the council and should maintain “status quo”.
  18. Chi Charlie Nguyen has repeatedly justified his daughter’s appointment to a Commission stating multiple times that Commissioners are just volunteers. He has been corrected many times by the city’s administration that Commissioners are part-time employees, paid, and receive modest benefits too.  
  19. Tri Ta appointed a local journalist to a Commission, even though he knows it is a conflict of interest. A national association of journalists made it an ethics policy that journalists shall not be appointed to government positions. The California Superintendent of Education disqualified the same individual from a commission for the same reason.  Yet, the Mayor refused to correct the issue.
  20. When a Council Member asked the city to follow policy and procedure, Kimberly Ho criticized him for not having a law degree insinuating that he should not request proper protocol.
  21. In the press Kimberly Ho insinuated that she, Mayor Tri Ta and Council Member Charlie Nguyen always vote as a block. To date she is correct. They never vote differently from each other and have created a minimum 3-2 majority on all items. 
  22. Tri Ta blatantly intimidates critics, especially those who don’t speak English well. For example, during a Council meeting he intimidated residents by asking them to state their full address when speaking publicly (so everyone will know where you live, steaming live when you are not even home).  This is not a government requirement.
  23. For personal reasons unrelated to city business, Tri Ta moved a meeting to 5 pm instead of the regular 7 pm and limited public speaking to only two minutes instead of the regular five minutes. This was a meeting when he knew there would be a lot of public disagreement with his agenda item, thereby limited those who cannot attend after work at 5 pm and limiting speaking time as well.   
  24. The Political Action Committee (PAC) that financially supports Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho and Chi Charlie Nguyen has accepted tens of thousands of dollars from a developer who wants to redevelop the Civic Center for other purposes, stating in meeting with Seniors that he wants to remove the Senior Center as well. They accept “pay to play” contributions.   
  25. As seen in a picture dated June 4, 2019 from a news article, the Mayor Tri Ta and Council Members Chi Charlie Nguyen and Kimberly Ho meet together to discuss city business which is considered a direct violation of the Brown Act making their actions illegal. Social appearance together are ok if they are not discussing city business, but this meeting as well as others addressed city business with members of the public and press present. This particular event took place at Kimberly Ho’s place of business with her skin care products on display. 

CONCLUSION: As a result of their lack of critical thinking, servant leadership and effective management, the city’s troubles have grown in visual blight, vacant businesses, reduced police force, multiple employee and police lawsuits, vagrant encampments in our parks, and financial struggles that forced a tax increase.


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